Thursday, 4 October 2012

National Poetry Day

It's National Poetry Day, 
But I wont let it get in the way
Of writing crap prose 
And picking my nose
While thinking of something to say.

It's National Poetry Day,
And I'm striving to waffle away
To appear intellectual
And not ineffectual
While hopefully not sounding gay.

It's National Poetry Day,
And I'm obviously out of my zone
Of grandiose prose
That gets up your nose
As for its completion you pray.

It's National Poetry Day,
And I think I've done more than my bit.
As one normally rhymeless 
I strove for sublimeness
Instead of my usual sh*t.


  1. very good Alan :)

  2. That's fun, Alan.

    I have a blog award waiting for you, and you might be able to write about cake. :-)

  3. Was it National Poetry Day?
    I missed it cos I was away
    on a family visit
    which is no excuse, is it?
    But I don't care, whatever you say.

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